Friday Evening Boat Dive

Lower Sound Charter aboard Bandito Charters. Meet at Delin Docks in Tacoma at 6:00 PM. Cost is 45.00.

Signup at the shop

Wreck Diving Course


Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving, however every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques. The  Wreck Diver Course will discuss the equipment and techniques commonly employed while wreck diving.

Course begins on September 10th. Call the shop for more details.


Who this course is for:

Individuals who wish to know more about the wreck diving including:

  • Researching wrecks
  • Mapping wrecks
  • Proper use of lines while wreck diving
  • Exploring underwater history

Course prerequisites:

  • Open Water Scuba Diver, or equivalent
  • Divers must have a deep diver specialty certification or be able to provide proof of experience in order to dive deeper than 18 metres/60 feet in this course.

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Multiclub Sund Rock Dive and Picnic

Save the Date For the Annual Multiclub Dive and Picnic at Sund Rock and the Fornoff’s. This is always one of the highlights of summer.


More information will follow as it becomes available.

Scuba Set Depth Chargers 2015 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 12th Annual Scuba Set Depth Chargers Underwater Photo Contest

Best Of Show: “Come A Little Closer” – Mike Phillips

Judges’ Choice: “Family Tree” – Kimberly Coleman

 Warm Water Wide Angle:

1st       “Does This Make My Mouth Look Big? – Mike Phillips

2nd      “Family Tree” – Kimberly Coleman

3rd       “Thing 1 And Thing 2” – Kimberly Coleman

Warm Water Macro:

1st       “Squid” – Nate Delbel

2nd      “Nudi” – Nate Delbel

3rd       “Brown Velvet – Kimberly Coleman

Cold Water Wide Angle:

1st       “Okay, I Get Your Point” – Keith Gamble

2nd      “Cruising” – Walt Amidon

3rd       “On Guard” – Mike Phillips

Cold Water Macro:

1st       “Nudi” – Nate Delbel

            2nd      “Wolfy” – Corey Cooper

3rd       “Baby Kraken” – Corey Cooper


1st       “Here’s Looking At You Kid” – Keith Gamble

2nd      “Redondo Surprise” – Corey Cooper

3rd       “Baby Cthulhu” – Corey Cooper

Digitally Enhanced:

1st       “Close Encounters” – Kari Fadler

2nd      “Reflections” – Keith Gamble

Black And White:

1st       “They’re Here” – Kari Fadler

2nd      “Free Ride” – Ed Fadler

3rd       “Thresher Shark” – Nate Delbel

Diver / Diving Lifestyle:

1st       “Come A Little Closer” – Mike Phillips

2nd      “Rapunzel” – Kari Fadler

3rd       “Taking A Break Between Dives” – Keith Gamble


1st       “Green Machine” – Pete Allen

2nd      “Camouflaged” – Pete Allen

3rd       “I’m A White Pipefish” – Pete Allen

 Honorable Mention:

“There You Are!” – Keith Gamble (Warm Water Wide Angle)

“Eye See You!!” – Mike Phillip (Cold Water Macro)

“Shrimp Cocktail” – Corey Cooper (Cold Water Macro)

“Ghost Buster!!” – Mike Phillips (Warm Water Macro)

“Squid” – Nate Delbel (Warm Water Macro)

“Lion Around!” – Walt Amidon (Warm Water Macro)







Dive Around the Clock

July 17 to 18, 2015, 4pm to 4pm

ReDondo Beach, Des Moines, WA

New Look to the Same Great Cause!

Join with us in diving and raising money for Seattle Children’s Hospital Cancer Research Center.  All certified divers welcome.

Please register to dive and/ or volunteer during the event at Register soon to get the dive times you want, you many also sign up for several dives. Remember, safety first!

Divers registration fee of $30 will give you an event t-shirt, with the remainder going to our charity.  For those diving, volunteering and raising money there will be drawings for prizes at the post event program.

DEPTH CHARGERS: This will be Steve and my 8th year of participation.  DATC has been a fun and rewarding event.  For a fun incentive to join in this year we have decided to have a drawing for a Scuba Firechime (fire extinguisher tank) or Scuba Whatever Bowl.  To those who register before July 8 you will get your name into the “hat” twice, July 8 and after you will have your name placed once.  Winner will be announced at the meeting.

Let’s make this a great DATC dive year!

Monthly Club Meeting

Join us at 6:00 PM for dinner, drinks, and socializing downstairs at the Milton Tavern. At 7:00 PM, we’ll have some brief announcements before our special guest speaker begins his/her presentation

Club Meeting

Join us at 6:00 PM for dinner, drinks, and socializing downstairs at the Milton Tavern. At 7:00 PM, we’ll have some brief announcements before our special guest speaker begins his/her presentation.

Turkey Dive

scuba turkeyMeet at Redondo Dive Site on Sunday November 23rd for a fun pre-Thanksgiving dive. There will be prizes!

Visibility has been outstanding the last few days and hopefully it will continue through the weekend.

This dive is for All Skill Levels.

Hope to see you there.

Open Water Diver Certification

sdi-img-03Did you know that our Planet Earth’s surface is covered by over 70% of water? Our oceans and water systems that include lakes and rivers controlling our climates and temperatures, move weather patterns and supports living organisms is still unexplored territory with 95% of it unseen by the eyes of humans. You may have gone swimming in the ocean or snorkeled over a reef….but now, it is time to take it one step further. See the underwater world as it is meant to be experienced – underwater. Become a part of an eco-system that supports so much of our life and take it to your limits; weather they may be interacting Continue reading Open Water Diver Certification

Diving Consultants